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Rooting Into the Heart

“We are Solar Beings. We revolve around the sun, and the sun is part of the Christ. In Greek, the Christ is the Anointed One. The Christ Stratosphere is where the OneJozef Ministry, Steps and Mudras come from. The Christ Consciousness is Pure Love. I’m going to explain to you what Pure Love is and […]

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Focus on 2023

“Our focus is 2023. We’ll have a mini-Satya Yug then, or Golden Age, and be a frequency and vibration that starts to announce God being more present here on Earth. Don’t leave. Wait until 2023 because then we’ll have a golden door. You’ve earned that — you’ve earned Peace on Earth. Keep you and your […]

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Spiritual Emotion

“Spiritual Emotion is the Awareness of the existence of God or the Teaching Principle of God. The Teaching Principle of God is also known as Guru, or Datta. When you are aware of this, especially of one incarnate, you have Spiritual Emotion. Having Spiritual Emotion means your subconscious mind merges with God, causing the Intellect […]

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Breathe, and Trust in God

“I want you to take a deep breath. A long slow inhale, pause, and exhale. Who filled your lungs with air? Who just did that? This an exercise in trust. Who or what is that breath coming from? Think about this:  there is air to fill your lungs for every breath you have ever taken […]

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OneJozef Gnosis

“You are what needs to be shifted to Shift things.” – Jozef OneJozef Gnosis Silent Retreat, 2 February 2017

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The 40% Rule

“So this is Stratosphere, this whole time period that we’re in. Let me remind you that no matter how hard, or how awful, or how terrible things get, and no matter how much you want to quit and give up, I don’t think that you know your baseline. I think that when you want to […]

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All Planets In Direct Motion

“From January 7th through February 6th, which is roughly a month, we experience APDM, or All Planets In Direct Motion. Now that this mercury retrograde is almost over, all of the other planets in our solar system have gone direct. That means everything is open, everything is flowing, everything is there in direct motion for anything […]

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A Great Invitation and Asking

“Here is my request to each and every one of you – is that you make a commitment to yourself, to your Divine Source, to your Ancestors, to your children, to your Forever Friends, to your family, to your friends and to your loved ones. I ask one Commitment to your local communities and to […]

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Resolving Structures and Dynamics

“Structures are fed by participation. You need to be able to identify their dynamics in order to dismantle them. When we’re put in groups and a dynamic plays out, if you react to it, you become locked into the structure being created by the dynamic. This dynamic can’t lock you in unless a part of […]

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Sovereignty and Restoration

“Do you truly want to embody your Sovereignty? What are you willing to do? Mary Magdalene was a Complete Sovereign. Think about it — out of all the women mentioned in the Bible, no other woman is known by both their first and last names. Before the Christ came she was ready for her Mission. […]