Divine Distant Healing Sessions

Photo by Flickr user Ching - Creative Commons CopyrightRestoration began for those who attended the first OneJozef Immersion in 2011. What was started then continues to unfold within each of us like the Lotus Flower.

The Underpinnings of All of Jozef’s work is to reach a segment of the population that is ready to Enact on behalf of &&. The Womb as Lock and Jozef as Key, we Initiate Critical Mass. Join Jozef and The Great Mother for a Shift of the Ages.

Divine Distant Healing Sessions with Jozef are for all who are Left Standing and who are taking a Stand.

What do you Stand on behalf of?

Invest Consciously and your Investment will reap dividends. Now is the opportunity for Conscious Currency Exchange.

Jozef invests on behalf of The New Dream.

Session Details

  • • All Work is accomplished Distantly
  • • Once payment is received you will be contacted by Jozef’s office to setup a day and time that meets your schedule.
  • • Additional information will be requested from clients before the session is scheduled.

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Session Details and Payment

Note: Sessions are not recorded. Click here to find out how a recording impacts the Moment Now

55 minute readings/verbal/phone Sessions and Consultations are not currently available.