A Letter from Jozef: Dear 2018 Lead Spiritual Mountain Climbers

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A Letter from Jozef: Dear 2018 Lead Spiritual Mountain Climbers

Dear 2018 Lead Spiritual Mountain Climbers,

Namaskar to All, near and far, who pursue their Spiritual Life and value the Work leading us Home to our Spiritual Origins. 2017 has been a year of profound Spiritual Growth, Physical Restoration, and Increased Conscious Awareness. 2018 promises to be an even greater Adventure.

As we traverse the Spiritual Mountain to our Destined Summit together, please rest assured that I have a strategic infrastructure and business direction to Guide us through the coming years and Beyond with the Divine Plan at its Core. Many will benefit, many will prosper, and many will rise far Beyond what they can imagine. Our Goal on the horizon is nothing short of Revolutionary.

As we and our Beloved Mother Earth climb Higher and delve Deeper into the Divine Realities, remnants of the false, illusory systems and structures will crumble. The fallout from this will look different to each of you, depending on your vantage point. There will be geopolitical catastrophes, earth changes, and other challenging and unforeseen events over the next 3 years and beyond.

What can shift these seemingly negative events?


  • Our Indomitable Spirit, Rising like the Phoenix to reclaim for all Time our Divine Inheritance.
  • With Jozef as Fulcrum and Lever, and as we bring forth our Collective, Courageous, Indefatigable, and Unconquerable Spirit, we seed in the Divine Age of the Devi.
  • We are the Divine Solutions.

I must address these shifts. The extraordinary circumstances we find ourselves in has required me to almost completely fill my schedule. Do not lose ground, do not lose hope. Be Patient, Be Mature, Be Aware. We will Journey through this time together in spite of my limited personal availability. You are never alone.

My Administrative Team will do its best to accommodate the increasing pressure and demands that so many are now facing, myself included. Going forward some changes must be implemented: social media interactions will be handled by my Office and I will not be able to respond personally to direct inquiries as much as I have in the past. Please don’t think this means I am cutting you off. As always, you can still contact me through my Office for the most efficient and prompt response. I personally assure all communication sent through my Office will be private and will be read solely by me. I consider discretion in these and all matters of utmost importance.

For any unscheduled Service you are interested in, such as something not outlined in your package or on my Website, please send your request to the Office by clicking here. Your payment for this Service will place you on the waiting list for a schedule opening.

Interested in sponsoring a OneJozef Event in 2018?  Click here to contact the Office for more information.

I urge you to consider a 2018 Events Package, Divine Distant Healing Package, and/or reserving now the Divine Phone Consultations you are Guided to receive for yourself and your loved ones for next year. These are designed to address your Evolution and update your Spiritual Practices for maximum efficiency. Additionally, 2018 OneJozef Members who register for a Divine Phone Consultation will be placed on a Priority Waiting List and will be first in line for the next available opening.  To get started with your 2018 Package, please click here.

Divine Phone Consultations can be paired with your Divine Distant Healing Package to further augment your Well Being. They provide a more clear and conscious understanding of your Sacred Session.

I extend my Gratitude to you, our Community. Thank you for shifting with me. Thank you for understanding. Thank you for continuing to allow me to be your Spiritual Teacher. You are a Blessing to me.

We are at Choice. I invite everyone to Choose with me a Path of Response from a Higher Perspective to All of our growing and complicated schedules. I appreciate your Patience, Understanding, Love, and Support in this and All matters.

None of this growth would be possible without You and Your dedication to your Spiritual Path, including your Multi-tiered Investment on all levels, Known and Unknown. It is because of you that the “I Am” is able to roll out the Divine Plan within each and every one of us and the world we live in.

Many will be invited to take their next Evolutionary Steps and/or a Larger Spiritual Role. This is your personal, Sacred Work with the Source God. I am here to Guide, Prepare, Fortify, and Strengthen you on your Path. As the saying goes, “Many are called. Few will answer.”  This is your opportunity to be One of the Ones.

I look forward to our continued Work together, the Evolution of this Planet & its Inhabitants, and for the Light to Shine into and Illuminate the darkness on every level.

Beyond Grateful,

Jozef and The Devi


As I survey the spiritual landscape before us, New Fields of Spirit are Rising in a way this planet has never seen before. These new Spiritual Realities bring with them an Invitation for us to participate at the Highest Levels of a New Beginning. This is a New Activity of Creation Unfolding, Beckoning, Calling us forward.

With this in mind, I Offer Up to you Exclusive Member-only Invitations to: Devi Group Retreats; Devi Infusions; and a Private, One-on-One Devi Session.

Join me in Day One: A New Dawn of Spirit.

More to come…


With all of this in mind, become a Lead Spiritual Mountain Climber with Jozef in 2018.  Click here to get started with your 2018 OJ Membership.