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You Are Your Own Savior

“Be moral, ethical and integral. Only you can take care of your virtues, attainments, self-realization, and self-actualization. These are basic things. You need to build your Guidance by living your life clean and moral. You are your own Savior as a Sovereign Being. It’s yours to rescue and save yourself, and this will ripple out […]

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“God made you and God will invite you into Enlightenment, therefore you have to do your Work. Be in Self-Authority. The more prepared you are, the better, so that you may be able to accept the Invitation when it’s extended to you without freaking out. Stay present. Focus. . . . . .You are meant […]

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Be In The World, But Not Of It

“You have to make a decision within you. You’re the media and antenna to bringing God here. It’s really the only answer. We’re gearing up for a year of violence. The further we push God away means the worse things will look like here. It’s you and God, and that’s really our only answer. God […]

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A Renaissance Unfolding

“In Service to the future a Renaissance unfolds, transforming the shadow self. The passageway may appear dark. In the absence of light, the inner light shines inward. You’re used to looking outside for the light. It’s inward that will light and lead the way ~ the passage.” – Jozef, OneJozef Global Webinar, 19 June 2016

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New Consciousness of the New You

“What we find is that most people treat material things better than they do their consciousness. They will upgrade and work and sustain a lot of property — their homes, their grounds, their vehicles, their computers, their phones. The way that they eat, what they participate in, what they don’t participate in. They have a […]

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Expressions Of Each Other

“We are expressions of each other in a multitude of forms.” – Jozef, OneJozef Global Webinar, 19 June 2016

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Claim Your Christ Heart

“. . .I am asking you, claim 2016 for yourself now. . .go and write about what you claim for 2016. What do you claim for 2016? We claim Sanctuary, but what do you claim for you? Is it health? Is it property, is it well-being, is it sanity? Is it safety? Or whatever your […]

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Embody Your Power

“Do you know who or what you’re fighting with? One of the characters you need to have as your ally is your Power. If you can make peace with your True Power (Sacredness), you can have this as your ally. You can’t control your power. It should flow through you smoothly. Because of how you […]

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You Are A Sovereign Being

“You are a Sovereign Being in your Core. Decide to be or know that you are — no matter what. You can’t have Wholeness, Evolution, Wellness, etc. without Sovereignty. Security and all you need comes from the Divine. . . . . .You have to take care of your body and your Self at all […]

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“You need to download instructions from your High Self at least once a month for the ability, information, or whatever it is you need. Set aside time to sit and receive the download completely. This is one of things you’re missing from your Spiritual Life. The High Self has it for you. You don’t have to […]