Who is Jozef

Jozef Dominguez is a committed Husband and Loving Father. He is a Nagual, High Toltec Initiate, Multifaith Based Lineage holder, Activist, Author, Successful Business Professional, Life Coach Facilitator, and Molecular Empath. Known to many as a Magi, Alchemist, a Living Transformer, and last but not least: Expert Cat Herder.


“We must assume personal and social responsibility and accountability so that we again are united with our brothers and sisters everywhere throughout the world. We are all connected. No matter how many miles, oceans, or languages separate us, we are still one”


From Humble Beginnings

In this Incarnation Jozef grew up as one of several children in a traditional Native Mexican-Jozef DominguezAmerican family in Southern New Mexico. The Toltec Ancestry and Lineages of which he and his parents are full initiates holds much power and provide Jozef with a strong foundation to fulfill his Mission. However he emerged from humble beginnings to embrace the challenges of his human experience both in the physical and nonphysical worlds. Being born awakened did not make him special or absolve him from having to overcome adversities, obstacles, and extreme negative conditions, but with the Holy Spirit and his very specific Spirit Teams as his teachers, helpers, and ancestors and God as his Eternal Compass and Constant Companion, he was destined to rise to his Path of Destiny.

Jozef’s Works began unfolding as a very young child. He has aspired from the beginning to be a Catalyst of Change — a Living Transformer. Jozef’s aspirations reach beyond all boundaries of gender, age, religion, race, and creed to assist all people — young and old and in between — to rise above their external circumstances, never allowing the difficulties they face to become the defining characteristics of their lives.

After 25 years of hands-on, one-on-one experience Jozef has evolved an intuitive body of work based on Divine Success Principles, transcending self-expressed and outwardly-imposed limitations and achieving multi-level success. This transcending experience allows for participants in his work to achieve their Highest potential.

Jozef Dominguez teaching in Ruidoso, New Mexico

“One of the basic beliefs that motivates my work is that all children, regardless of background, learning style, or ethnic origin, deserve the highest quality of education we can possibly provide for them. It has been my goal from the start to help these children, and their parents, to rise above external circumstances, never allowing the difficulties they face to become the defining characteristics of their lives.”


A Life Lived

In the past two and half decades Jozef has been actively involved in many forms of humanitarian endeavors. He has addressed a broad spectrum of social issues from education reform to community development to integrative health care. Jozef was instrumental in creating a series of children’s conferences that examined creativity enhancement, non-chemical treatments for attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity, and re-visioning education for the 21st century. He also launched the Partnership with Kids: Arts, Music, and Movement in the Making series of programs that collaborated with existing social services to reach, engage, and uplift disadvantaged and homeless youth. Many of the programs that Jozef spearheads are first implemented in an underserved, ethnically diverse area of New Mexico and the Seattle area before being released nationally.

What is said

In response to his efforts the Ford Foundation, in association with the Advocacy Institute of Washington, D.C., recognized Jozef for his “extraordinary leadership in tackling tough social problems” and for his “ingenuity, effectiveness, and high degree of commitment in responding to some of the most challenging social problems we face today.”

As Jozef says, “My greatest reward has been to play a part in creating comprehensive programs for both children and adults from all walks of life that will help them achieve a higher level of self-sufficiency, self-esteem, and self-mastery.”

Gifts to SkillJozef Dominguez teaching in Hartford, Connecticut

In addition to his humanitarian works Jozef has also employed his Divine Success Principles and business, empathic, telepathic, and psychic skills as a profiler for law enforcement agencies to assist in solving numerous cases. He has worked with militaries and governments in a similar capacity, helping them to understand why some of their programs are not working and has made recommendations for their effective and humane resolution.

Today Jozef continues to work with a variety of businesses, CEOs, and leaders in varying political, social, and spiritual arenas. He uses his abilities and applies his holistic life and business coaching skills to: maximize effectiveness, productivity, bottom lines, and communication; build relationships and resolve conflict internally and externally; and unite local, regional, national, and global communities. He has created forums for many gifted individuals who would not otherwise collaborate to combine their areas of expertise.

Up to date

Jozef weaves and connects us back to the Creation Field of All of Life. This allows us to manifest our Highest ideals concerning our children, our planet, and ourselves and to reinvent the basic structures of society with greater wholeness where we can thrive, not just survive.

A prolific writer, Jozef is the co-author of Remembering Wholeness: The Energetics of Healing for the 21st Century and The Golden Thread: Awakening to the Feminine Divine, currently in the final editing stages in preparation for release. Jozef has also penned several profoundly enlightening books for future publication.

A recurring theme in Jozef’s writings is the importance of acknowledging the presence and energy of the Divine Feminine with a balanced Divine Masculine in our lives. This creates a more complete and truthful picture of our Becoming. It moves us into a place of greater wholeness and awareness where we return to our Original Divine Blueprint as Creation in Motion.

Jozef is an unparalleled, dynamic speaker, facilitator, spiritual technician, and teacher who lives in a direct stream of Christic Consciousness. He has access to Divine Tools, Truth, and Wisdom on any topic in any given moment. He is able to meet and translate this information from God to his audience in a manner that is applicable and pertinent to each individual.

Jozef has sat with heads of governments and countries, Tribal Leaders, royalty, the Dali Lama, rinpoches, monks, nuns, financiers, presidents, CEOs, educators, his own children, his sangha and community of students, and more. Each interaction is just as profound, healing, and revolutionary as the next. He has traveled and trained worldwide maintaining pivotal connections in New Mexico, Seattle, Canada, India, Mexico, England, Japan, and recently Connecticut as well as many other unnamed locations.

jozef-7-200x200In all of his varied activities and diverse platforms Jozef helps us to re-awaken and align to our Core, to our original Divine God Spark Blueprint, and to the promptings of our own inner wisdom. Jozef demonstrates how we may apply this wisdom on all levels from transpersonal to global. He challenges us to recognize and to fulfill our highest potential in this life and to translate this vision into productive action that serves us and the common good.

Jozef fuses spiritual realization, self-actualization, and self-mastery with common sense, reason, logic, Universal Truth, and spiritual physics. He teaches how to holistically and successfully apply these principles with discernment and personal accountability to all areas of our lives including personal, interpersonal, business, and spiritual. He shows how to integrate these areas into a participant’s core to express the Divine Success Principles in all that they do and are.

Whatever we undertake for our individual and collective growth, he says, creates a ripple effect in society that carries an enormous opportunity for constructive change and evolution.

Integrate your Self

As you sit, study and learn with Jozef, a remembrance of who you are and what you are here to do awakens. An Energetic Field — a Matrix of Ones — unfolds into a Creation Field of Sovereign Beings which gives rise to correct action and love of self and others. This in turn begins to transform the world.
Prompted by Spirit, Jozef has also developed an evolving sustainable community where the highest ideal is to reside within the flow of Creation. Members are constantly being challenged to raise the bar, study, learn, and apply Jozef’s Divine Success Principles. This allows for the release of all that does not serve each individual as well as the space to express being human and evolve into their greatest potential. This Sacred Homeland and Vision is surrounded and held by the Capitan mountain range with both the Sierra Blanca mountain range and Sacramento Mountains serving as the backdrop for these gathering communities and the work at hand.
It is said that Jozef was born a Christed, Enlightened, and Completed Spirit; that he came from the Divine Realms through the Galactics; that in this Life he accomplished the state of a Samyaksambuddha. Jozef would say he is a Mirror reflecting back to you what you truly are underneath all of the separation that plays out in this three dimensional world.Jozef Dominguez

The above is but a brief outline of a long list of my accomplishments and experiences. It is from this qualified position that I am able to offer you skill sets to move you forward in your life. My multifaceted approach will assist you to Achieve what has alluded you in every area up until this point. With that in mind, I invite you to review this website as an introductory outline of what is possible for You!


“Our collective growth,
implemented with discernment and personal accountability,
can create a ripple effect in society
that carries with it
a tremendous opportunity for constructive change.”