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Spiritual Practice

“You have to get up every day and do your Spiritual Work. Spiritual Practice is about you actively engaging with Source God. The reason for doing your practices — approved practices from God — is to connect to and be a channel for God. The practices I have shown you cut through this dark age we’re […]

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Allow Yourself To Breathe

“Allow yourself to breathe. Out the ashes of this election and what we actually just voted for – or didn’t vote for but got – I want to know: What did you learn? What moved you? What is your pushing off point to grow from? Continue to allow yourself to breathe and remember that God fills […]

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Balance and Hope

“More than ever, this is a time of Balance. We need internal and external Balance. When we receive a trauma to our psyches like the magnitude of this year’s election, a paranoia switch gets triggered and people want to give up. They want to move away or run away. You’ve got to remember, where ever […]

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Proof You Are Evolving

“Changing and Evolving are difficult to do. The following are fifteen difficult feelings you’re experiencing that prove you are Evolving: Feeling isolated from others Having difficulty focusing on tasks. Feeling restless and anxious; emotions are constantly stimulated (sensory seekers) Irritability at those you are close to. Feeling gripping fear at times. Deciding you deserve better. Dissatisfied […]

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Our Forever Friends

“Our Forever Friends are here to train us to begin to accept Unconditional Love. They don’t judge or condemn us; their level of empathy is beyond comprehension. Think of some Forever Friends as coming from the Mind of the Divine, such as cats, and others, like dogs, as coming from the Heart of the Divine. […]

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Heralding Prophecy

“Right now, across the planet, people are hearing sounds coming from deep within the Earth and space. These sounds are heralding that a Shofar is about to resound. The true Shofars are held in the Arch Angelic realms. Here on Earth, they are made from ram’s horns. It is the only thing that dark force is afraid of […]

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Objectivity and Subjectivity

True Enlightenment is the balance between Objectivity and Subjectivity. Objectivity is just the facts. For instance, “The sky is blue.” Subjectivity is how you feel about the facts, such as, “I love the blue sky.” Being equally objective and subjective at the same time opens the lines of communication with Spirit. It’s from this place that you […]

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Be Worthy

“You have to consider yourself important enough to receive the Divine Work available to you. If you’re not good enough, Spirit will take you at your word. Be worthy enough to talk to God and work with the Divine.”   – Jozef Immersion 3, 1 December 2013

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Feelings and Emotions

“God can only be felt and experienced through feeling. Feeling is a neutral state, rather than reactive. Through feeling, you can be Centered and Balanced. An emotion, on the other hand, is reactive. It’s a judgement, an opinion — it takes you from your Center. Always stay Centered, Grounded, and Connected.”   – Jozef Immersion, […]

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“Be specific about what you’re asking Spirit for. If you aren’t specific, you remain in a state of asking. State your Intent, then find out what you need to do on your end to attain your goal and move into action and prepare yourself. Update your skill sets if you need to. Once you’ve achieved […]