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Share Your Good Fortune

“Share your good fortune and be compassionate — whatever your resources are there’s always something to share. Do this so you can plant a Seed of Sharing, which then becomes a higher reward for the next harvest. We’re getting our harvest now from past lives, and we can also plant seeds now for the next harvest.” […]

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True Alignment or Catalysts for Change

“Every 30 days you can choose a True Alignment or you can choose a Catalyst for Change. A True Alignment means exactly that. There’s no trauma or drama, it’s just very clear and direct. It’s a straight line, which is the shortest distance between you and your goal. Most people don’t choose True Alignment. Most […]

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The Control Addiction

“The #1 addiction of the human race is control. When we cannot control a thing, we fear it. In these moments, we forget our connection to God and the Earth. We doubt ourselves and imagine the worst possible outcome, rather than Faithfully calling upon and relying upon the Guidance of Spirit, which is available at […]

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A Message From The Universe

“Primitive societies live by the “rule of might,” and the strong prevail. Advanced societies live by the “rule of law,” and the privileged prevail. Enlightened societies live by the Rule of Love, and everyone is lifted higher.” – The Universe Battle for Sanity, 25 March 2017

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Self Gain

“When you ask for personal gain, it is measured by your Spiritual Merit. How do you accumulate Merit? Through Service Work, such as doing the Steps and the Ministry for others. Doing your Work builds your capacity to help others, which then becomes a compounded interest that gets returned to you. When you do the […]

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Strengthen Yourself

“God does not test you. The darkness tests you. They do you a service by helping you to discover your weaknesses and strengthen yourself as needed. Remember, Job never buckled — he kept his Covenant. You don’t know how strong or gifted you are until you are tested. The dark is your ally. They serve […]

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Seeding Your Day

“When you wake up in the morning, the first thought that comes into your head comes from your Dream Body, or subconscious, and influences the way your day will roll out. You can’t lie to yourself — these thoughts get seeded deeply into your subconscious. In that moment, if you notice that you’re going into a […]

Call to Infinite Source

“TRUST. God shifts dimensionally as needed. Calling to Infinite Source — the Trimorphic Protenoia Sophia — will give Strength, Virtue, Grace and much more to what you’re doing. Never let go of this Source. Don’t act out. Stop yourself and call upon them to redirect the energy so that it redirects to your positive rather […]

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Be Impeccable

“Decide what stage of your life you’re going to move into being Impeccable in order to achieve the stats on this Journey you’re willing to achieve. Soon, you’re going to be asked to Be Impeccable. This entails stopping all of your bullshit. It has to do with being able to tell the Truth and honoring […]

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Setting Goals & Receiving

“You should always have your own goals; the vision of your goals is what sustains you through hard times. On a piece of paper write down your goals for each of the areas you want to work on. Your goals can entail spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical work. They can also be career, financial, health […]