OneJozef Matrix Teaching

November 11 2017
Sheraton Hartford Hotel at Bradley Airport
1 Bradley International Airport
Windsor Locks, CT United States
All day

Immersion 9

November 30 2017
Truth or Consequences, NM
Truth or Consequences, NM United States
All day
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24 September 2017

Sierra Dove Satsang

7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
01 October 2017

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We Are Still One

“We must assume personal and social responsibility and accountability so that we again are United with our brothers and sisters everywhere throughout the world. We are all Connected. No matter how many miles, oceans or languages separate us, we are still One.” – Jozef Quote excerpted from Lamp in the Daylight Global Webinar, 4 June 2017

Photo via Pixabay

Waking Up and Creating More Space

The May 10th Full Moon in Scorpio will highlight two polarities in different categories for you. It’s going to highlight: Ego vs. Emotion Work vs. Home What you need vs. what you want Inner tension vs. External pressure What this does is lead to personal conflict, and then crises that drain your energy. Where you […]


Atlas PROfilax is an experience like no other. I have been to multiple chiropractors and other professionals throughout my life to help me with physical issues. While the therapies helped improve the issues, they never truly addressed the root of the cause and relief was only temporary.


Francisca R. Herrera

Having been slightly introverted and not really very talkative this recent change comes as a welcome surprise. I was standing outside my car waiting to have it inspected, there was another guy also waiting. Out of the blue I walked over and started talking to him. The conversation went on for at least ten minutes, it was about nothing in particular; his family, cars, etc. and I was never at a loss for words and completely relaxed, it was like I knew him for years.


Mike M.

Jozef only brings the Highest, Cleanest, Clearest Information to us, wherever we are, for exactly what we Truly need at that time/moment. Whether it’s delivered in spoken worked, hand gesture, or touch the information from True Source/The Living System is integrated within every fiber of our being. This makes space for God to dwell within us more fully! I feel God in-dwell me more everyday, because I have learned the more I pay attention to God + Creation, the more God + Creation Pay Attention to me. It is a Honor and Great Blessing to work with the Living Son of Light – who is Jozef Dominguez.

Amber Nicole Hindash