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The Stages of Transformation

“To Evolve is to heal. Raising your vibration evolves you. The Work that we do is about empowering people to Transform. Transformation = Metamorphosis. We are working towards a stillpoint, a balance point. It is in that stillpoint where God resides. This is where you can talk with God and what drives you to classes […]

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Empowerments with Jozef

What are Empowerments with Jozef? Empowerments Everyone Moving Peacefully Onward, Where Excellence Resides. Many Evolve – Now – Together – Spiritually. Welcome to the Golden Age – Jozef Immersion 6: Left Standing, 1 December 2016

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A Sense of Purpose

“You have to have a Sense of Purpose and Place in space and time. If you don’t value your place, you will become dissatisfied. Where you are and what you are doing matters. This is a Sacredness that leads to a larger Sense of Purpose.”   – Jozef Spirit Matters, 11 June 2016

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Markers For Attainment

“Markers for Attainment include anxiety, depression, not wanting to be here, feeling maxed out and like you can’t stand another Human Being. Your essence is peaking and seeping through here. These things don’t stop your attainments, but they do distract you. You’ll experience this as disengaging, sleeping, moving a hundred times. They are side-effects of […]

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A New Motivation

“What has brought you to Spirituality or healing? Normally, at the base level of your existence there’s a trauma that is rising. This usually occurs in the form of suffering that is pushing you to say I need more or better. That is your motivation. It’s been your core motivation. Instead of utilizing suffering as fuel, […]

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The Original Traditional Family Values

“I want to talk about traditional family values — the original traditional family values. You guys probably don’t know what that is, because it isn’t the conservative Christians of today. I’m going to go back to the time of what we call the cave men, and the cave families. We have very strong evidence that […]

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Open Your Heart

“What can occur in this time is transforming your life by addressing the fear that you have of letting go of things you need to be letting go of. This is the reason most people can’t express their personal power and influence — not letting go of what you need to blocks your personal power […]

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“The cleaner and clearer you become, the more obstacles that aren’t yours get pulled out. As you raise your vibration, Spiritual energy within you vibrates faster, and you become able to translate/channel energy more quickly. Things appear to move more quickly and stronger also, and this goes out to what you focus on. You can only […]

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Dissolving Illusions

“Practice this and get really good at it. You can only facilitate this for you, not others: Identify something you’ve had trouble with no matter what you do. When you’re stuck in the same drama over and over again, making an adjustment in yourself will create an adjustment in the equation. Quickly visualize that you’re on […]

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Be An Achiever

“For the majority of people on the planet there are four psychological motivations that carry them throughout their day. The first is Things. This is expressed as envy of yours or other people’s things. This is why it’s best not to tell anyone about what you’re doing. Just get it done. The second motivation is Gossip — […]