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Are You One of the 0.001%?

Jozef and Spirit have told us that only 0.001% of the world’s population — about 70,000 people — need to become Fully and Authentically Awakened. Once this happens, the collective consciousness will be positively affected and people all over the World will Awaken. Those 70,000 prepare the way for 2023. This is the ‘Law of […]

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The Seasons of Man

Namaskar, Again, I wish to speak to you about the times we are in and the Season of Man ending, not far now. The die has been cast. We are in it now. A well-worn Path is hidden from view. Broad is the gate for the clever unaware masses. Awareness and discernment may be too […]

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We Are Still One

“We must assume personal and social responsibility and accountability so that we again are United with our brothers and sisters everywhere throughout the world. We are all Connected. No matter how many miles, oceans or languages separate us, we are still One.” – Jozef Quote excerpted from Lamp in the Daylight Global Webinar, 4 June 2017

Waking Up and Creating More Space

The May 10th Full Moon in Scorpio will highlight two polarities in different categories for you. It’s going to highlight: Ego vs. Emotion Work vs. Home What you need vs. what you want Inner tension vs. External pressure What this does is lead to personal conflict, and then crises that drain your energy. Where you […]

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Awakening the Sacred Body

“Many of you have a lot going on with your biology. This is not just happening to you, it’s happening to people across the planet. So I went to the Maha Vidyas and said, “Obviously, something is wrong with Planet Earth. What is wrong? Why are people so sick?” These Supreme Deities transmitted through Time and […]

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Gratitude Expansion

“I want to tell you something about Gratitude, so listen to me really quick — I want you guys to understand Gratitude for what it is, not for what it isn’t. I’m speaking to your subconscious, and to the parts of you that stop you in your tracks: when you do Gratitudes consciously, they mean […]

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2023 Is Getting Brighter and Stronger

“Everything that you’re doing for the planet is actually starting to show — 2023 is getting brighter and stronger. We might have to go through a dark tunnel to get there, but just remember, as the negatives rise — as the Raja Tama gets worse — the more Spiritual Power we’re able to achieve and […]

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The Brain & Mind

What is the mind? The Mind is the Seat of Consciousness. It’s the Essence of your Being. Your mind is not confined to just your brain – it should also fill all of your biology. Without your mind, there can be no considerable, meaningful aliveness. Scientists have traditionally defined the mind as brain activity; the […]

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A Message of Hope

“On Tuesday, April 18th, a solar flare came out of nowhere, shooting out from the sun. The Sun is a living Entity or Being named Tsebayoth. When Tsebayoth has a message, he trumpets it out to the Earth all at once in the form of solar flares, or what we call coronal mass ejections (CMEs). […]