The Brain & Mind

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The Brain & Mind

What is the mind? The Mind is the Seat of Consciousness. It’s the Essence of your Being. Your mind is not confined to just your brain – it should also fill all of your biology. Without your mind, there can be no considerable, meaningful aliveness.

Scientists have traditionally defined the mind as brain activity; the brain is the physical substance, while the mind is the consciousness product of the firing of the neurons, and that’s where they’ve left it.

But we now know that the mind goes beyond the physical workings of the brain. Obviously we need the brain to do what it does, but our mind is not confined to the inside of our skull, and a lot of you have your mind inside of you head. I want you to allow the mind to expand to the parameters or coordinates that your current auric field fills and extends out to.

The mind is emergent, self-organizing process. It embodies the rational and it regulates energy and information flow within and among us. The mind extends beyond our physical selves; it is not just a perception of our experiences, it’s experiences themselves. This is how your mind can be on other dimensions, because your Spirit — your mind is also your Spirit – is in other places. But here, you’ve kept it in your head. You’ve kept it just in your brain, or in your skull.

Because of the subjective stances you take, and our intermingling of our subjective experiences, we limit the potentiality of the mind to assist us in all things. I’ve been expanding your mind for a very long time, and enhancing it. The mind has been dragging the brain and the body with it, but now I need a 3-prong approach — it’s now about the soul, the body, and the mind and bringing those into alignment, or bringing them Congruent.

The ocean and the shoreline is our metaphor for the brain and the mind because can you really distinguish what is ocean and what is shoreline? Or where one starts and the other begins? And what are the components of each aspect of those? So Shoreline, and Ocean — Inner and Interior processes.

Your thoughts, your feelings, your memories, your attention can be subjective and it can still be a part of the world of the mind. But I need you to expand your mind into the mathematics, or the complex system that allows us to influence life itself. If it’s possible to create chaos, then it’s possible to create order. It’s the same brain and mind, or ocean and shoreline, creating the chaos. Your mind can affect outside of its parameters, the brain cannot.

Like math, the mind is self-organizing. It’s flexible, adaptable, coherent, energizing, and stable — it’s the foundation of mental health. If we shove all of this into the brain and don’t let our mind expand, we get caught, which then creates mental health concerns.

So I want you to step out of the brain and into the mind. Just like you put your pants or your shoes on, starting at the bottom of your feet all the way up, this is how you step into your mind every day, every morning. That healthy mind is what we’re missing — we’re missing the integration of the brain/mind, the shoreline and the ocean.

When you’re just in your brain activity, you’re isolated and disconnected. You feel separate and like you don’t belong. You’re not part of each other’s lives because you’re not in the mind. So I want you to work on that — work on the mind now, versus the brain, because it’s time to step into that.”


– Jozef

Cliff Notes Global Webinar, 2 April 2017