Waking Up and Creating More Space

Waking Up and Creating More Space

The May 10th Full Moon in Scorpio will highlight two polarities in different categories for you. It’s going to highlight:

  • Ego vs. Emotion
  • Work vs. Home
  • What you need vs. what you want
  • Inner tension vs. External pressure

What this does is lead to personal conflict, and then crises that drain your energy.

Where you utilize your positive karma from this Full Moon is in the center of the 2 polarities that highlight for you, such as Ego vs. Emotion. If it pulls them both up, find the center point and go for the middle because that’s where you’re going to find your answers. If it’s Work vs. Home, find the middle point and send energy into that.

What comes along with this positive karma is Emotional Strength. This is what a lot of you need — Emotional Strength and the Intuition to overcome any challenges. What that means is that your subconscious is starting to wake up and create more space. When you’re more awake in your subconscious, you’re able to be objective and look at whether things are balanced or imbalanced, and if they’re that crisis that drains your energy.

Right now a lot of those different polarities are draining your energy. When you’re more subconsciously awake, you’re able to be objective and you’re able to actually see where these drains are coming from, and this is the time to let them go.

Be aware too to make emotional adjustments to the Full Moon. If you’re asked to grow emotionally in an area that you haven’t wanted to, or that’s atrophied or that you’ve been more immature about, embrace that because you have the positive karma that translates into Wisdom to actually bring it forth into this reality. So allow that to come up — allow your shortcomings, your immaturities or places that you need to grow to come up so that you’re able to expand your objective, subconscious, awake spaces.


– Jozef

Lamp in the Daylight Webinar, 7 May 2017