Gratitude Expansion

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Gratitude Expansion

“I want to tell you something about Gratitude, so listen to me really quick — I want you guys to understand Gratitude for what it is, not for what it isn’t.

I’m speaking to your subconscious, and to the parts of you that stop you in your tracks: when you do Gratitudes consciously, they mean one thing than when you do them subconsciously. I need you to work on this with your Personality Defect worksheets.

When you’re expressing a Gratitude, you shouldn’t be stating that you are full to the Universe and cannot receive anything more. When you associate Gratitude with being full: “I am filled up with Blessings. I am full,” as in “I’ve eaten a meal and I am completely full and I can’t eat anymore, and I am Grateful for it,” it stops the flow. Gratitude is to make more room, not to say “I am full, do not give me any more.” Do you understand that?

While you’re doing your 32 day challenge with me and with Durga, and expressing Gratitude because you don’t have a challenge that day with that particular aspect of Durga, you are expressing a Gratitude. But that Gratitude is saying “There’s more room in me. There’s more room to grow in me,” rather than “I’m full, stop sending.”

Gratitude Expansion, or Gratitude means “I’m creating more space to receive.” So write that down and work with this because a lot of you express Gratitude and then you shut the door — you’re Grateful, and you shut the door and that’s it.

That’s the biggest thing I need addressed when you’re doing Gratitudes. Gratitudes are an expansion – they make more room, more space, more time. They do not fill you up; you are not filled up, you’re not at capacity, you’re not at 40% (the 40% Rule) — you are not at 40% with being overloaded, with being stressed at your maximum or at your capacity. And you’re also not at 40% of your capacity to receive your Abundance, your Good, your Supply, your Money, your Goodness, your Greatness, and all of that. You are not full there — you haven’t even started for that matter.”


– Jozef

Cliff Notes Global Webinar, 14 May 2017