Awakening the Sacred Body

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Awakening the Sacred Body

“Many of you have a lot going on with your biology. This is not just happening to you, it’s happening to people across the planet. So I went to the Maha Vidyas and said, “Obviously, something is wrong with Planet Earth. What is wrong? Why are people so sick?”

These Supreme Deities transmitted through Time and Space, “Start with who’s the biggest problem, in the sense of who’s infecting whom. Start with what’s wrong with the entire culture on the Western Hemisphere and any place that they’ve infected on the Eastern Hemisphere.”

So what is the issue? The issue is there is a way that energy runs in both the Eastern and Western Hemispheres that people don’t know about. People who travel internationally are familiar with this: flush a toilet anywhere in the world and watch the water spin — how water flows is how energy flows. Practices in the East are reversed from ours — the Eastern Hemisphere has their clockwise, and we have our own.

The infection came from the vice of the West wanting the power of the East and what they could do — they had Siddhas, or magical powers. The West wanted this and started copying them by emulating what people were born into, such as their Spiritual lineages. By doing their practices, the West started taking their power.

So basically, this is what’s happening: you have energy in the solar plexus, or solar connector, that is a bridge connecting the higher and lower aspects of yourself; it’s a very powerful solar circuit connected to the Galactic Network. The energy that is in your stomach/solar connector should only be there and nowhere else.

This is not what’s happening though. For many of you, it’s going into your lungs and turning into allergies, or sitting in your lungs in the form of grief. It then rises into your head, which is why you can’t sleep.

All the intelligence from your gut is getting pulled up into your head, where you intellectualize it, leaving your solar connector unprotected. This manifests as getting fat, or adding insulation. It doesn’t matter if you diet or exercise — if you don’t feel safe, you’re going to continue to insulate. Your practice has to be getting your stomach out of your head. If your head is clear, then we can work on clearing your lungs.

Anybody we’ve infected with Materialism flips their energy and brings their stomach energy up. You can see this in how the people in ashrams in India are crazy — the Spirit is supposed to be in the head/mind, not the stomach.

By doing your Practices correctly throughout the day, you can begin to correct the ailments you’re experiencing. Ask your High Self/Spirit take your solar connector out of your head and gently, incrementally, bring it back down into your stomach in a manner that’s safe for you so that it’s not jarring or traumatic. Awakening the Sacred Body Sessions are now available to help with this.

The solution starts with you — when you start to shift that energy pattern in you, it will ripple out and affect your environments.”


– Jozef

Battle for Sanity, 25 March 2017