A Message of Hope

Photo via Pixabay

A Message of Hope

“On Tuesday, April 18th, a solar flare came out of nowhere, shooting out from the sun. The Sun is a living Entity or Being named Tsebayoth. When Tsebayoth has a message, he trumpets it out to the Earth all at once in the form of solar flares, or what we call coronal mass ejections (CMEs).  If you can hear the Celestials, they are telling you what he sent out.

It was a Message of Hope. Open up to this message from Love through your solar connector, heart and mind:

He said if you have been on a Spiritual path, you are receiving a lot of blowback from dark forces trying to make your life miserable. They are giving you a triple dose of your issues in an attempt to keep you off your path. He said Don’t let go of your Consciousness, your ground, or your centering within yourself.

Focus on this Message of Hope and allow yourself to breathe, align to and receive it within. Everything is more Hopeful than it seems.”

– Jozef

Gnosis Silent Retreat, 20 April 2017, Truth or Consequences, NM