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Seeding Your Day

“When you wake up in the morning, the first thought that comes into your head comes from your Dream Body, or subconscious, and influences the way your day will roll out. You can’t lie to yourself — these thoughts get seeded deeply into your subconscious. In that moment, if you notice that you’re going into a […]

Call to Infinite Source

“TRUST. God shifts dimensionally as needed. Calling to Infinite Source — the Trimorphic Protenoia Sophia — will give Strength, Virtue, Grace and much more to what you’re doing. Never let go of this Source. Don’t act out. Stop yourself and call upon them to redirect the energy so that it redirects to your positive rather […]

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Be Impeccable

“Decide what stage of your life you’re going to move into being Impeccable in order to achieve the stats on this Journey you’re willing to achieve. Soon, you’re going to be asked to Be Impeccable. This entails stopping all of your bullshit. It has to do with being able to tell the Truth and honoring […]

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Setting Goals & Receiving

“You should always have your own goals; the vision of your goals is what sustains you through hard times. On a piece of paper write down your goals for each of the areas you want to work on. Your goals can entail spiritual, mental, emotional, or physical work. They can also be career, financial, health […]

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Rooting Into the Heart

“We are Solar Beings. We revolve around the sun, and the sun is part of the Christ. In Greek, the Christ is the Anointed One. The Christ Stratosphere is where the OneJozef Ministry, Steps and Mudras come from. The Christ Consciousness is Pure Love. I’m going to explain to you what Pure Love is and […]

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Focus on 2023

“Our focus is 2023. We’ll have a mini-Satya Yug then, or Golden Age, and be a frequency and vibration that starts to announce God being more present here on Earth. Don’t leave. Wait until 2023 because then we’ll have a golden door. You’ve earned that — you’ve earned Peace on Earth. Keep you and your […]

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Spiritual Emotion

“Spiritual Emotion is the Awareness of the existence of God or the Teaching Principle of God. The Teaching Principle of God is also known as Guru, or Datta. When you are aware of this, especially of one incarnate, you have Spiritual Emotion. Having Spiritual Emotion means your subconscious mind merges with God, causing the Intellect […]

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Breathe, and Trust in God

“I want you to take a deep breath. A long slow inhale, pause, and exhale. Who filled your lungs with air? Who just did that? This an exercise in trust. Who or what is that breath coming from? Think about this:  there is air to fill your lungs for every breath you have ever taken […]

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OneJozef Gnosis

“You are what needs to be shifted to Shift things.” – Jozef OneJozef Gnosis Silent Retreat, 2 February 2017

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The 40% Rule

“So this is Stratosphere, this whole time period that we’re in. Let me remind you that no matter how hard, or how awful, or how terrible things get, and no matter how much you want to quit and give up, I don’t think that you know your baseline. I think that when you want to […]