Ancestral Restoration

We call upon the Holy Trinity and ask for the illumination of the Souls of all my ancestors, starting first with those whose blood runs through my veins…and then beyond all the way back to the Collective Pool…. may All be uplifted and liberated immediately, releasing them from the negatives vestiges of servitude to Lucifer […]

Ancestral Healing Prayer

I offer light and pour libation with respect and honor for all my ancestors whose names I know (say all the names that you know) and all the ones I don’t know to uplift and liberate their soul(s) in the name and Light of the Almighty God. For it is through the love, the will, […]

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Asking the Angels into Your Dreams

Before going to bed, take a moment to meditate. Then affirm mentally or aloud: Dear God and Angels, Please enter my dreams tonight and give me guidance and new ideas about (fill in the blank with your specific request) situation. I ask that You help me to remember these ideas upon awakening clearly. Thank you […]

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I bind to myself this day

While focusing on the elements, Feel, Sense and See each and everyone of them, take your time, become, and call in the Mental/Feeling picture necessary for to feel, Sense, See; becoming one with each one, for instance; the rock, see/find a rock you like then bind your self by merging your self with the rock […]

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Connection, Protection, and Setting up a Space

This quick process must be done once every 24 hours for maximum protection and effectiveness. Think about Archangels who are familiar to you; one who resonates with you each day. (Jozef recommends always connecting to an Archangel) Petition the Trinity, asking for permission to call upon and connect to the Archangel of your choosing. (The […]

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Divine Right Action

Most Holy Trinity, we ask that you please bless _____ and me and place ____ and me in Divine Guidance and Right Action. I ask and do this in the Most Holy Name of the Trimorphic Protennoia Sophia. Amen.

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Balance and Harmonize to the 24 Hour Day

We have a 24 hour day, and once every 24 hours, state the following, or use your own similar words. I call forth and petition/ask for me to be in harmony and adjust to the electromagnetic’s and astrological influences of this 24 hour day that are occurring for me, for the North and South poles, […]

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The Law of One

We are all One. When One is harmed, All are harmed; When One is healed, All are healed. Therefore, in the name of Who sent me, Who is One with All, Who is all Powerful and all Loving, Who is One with all Enlightened Beings, One with the Angels and The Christ, We call upon […]

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Love Prayer

Dear God, I love myself deeply, as I know you love me. I forgive myself for everything, as I know you have forgiven me already. I forgive the world and all others, as You show me our Innocence. I trust and surrender to the Holy Spirit Shekinah within, to guide me, direct me and release […]

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Daily Prayer

Holy Trinity, I call forth and petition for me to be in perfect harmony and adjust with Ease and Grace to the electromagnetic’s and astrological influences of this 24-hour day that are occurring for me and the North and South Poles, for Mother Earth, the Planets, Solar Systems and the Universe. I ask that this […]