How To Live Life Free Of Stress An Interview With Joe Dimaggio

Stress! Everyone can relate to that overwhelming feeling. It creeps up on you at work, at home, sometimes even on your vacation. How can one impact this? How can one end the vicious cycle of stress? As a Senior Program Leader for Landmark Education, an international training and development company, I lead courses for hundreds […]

Special Relativity Lite Simplified Version

Gradually to an increasing number of scientists, the numerous imperfections of this theory and the dead state of the scientific methodology introduced by it become apparent. Apparently, it is time to seriously upgrade STR and to subject it to corrective revision. With what is it necessary to begin? In a rebuke to writers on STR, […]

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Are Tectonic Pressures Changing the Ionosphere Before Earthquakes?

  Original article Quakecasts ( Earlier this year we reported¬†on a growing body of evidence demonstrating that portions of the ionosphere show remarkable and detectable changes in the days and hours before (and after) an earthquake. Of particular importance is the location of these changes: directly over regions where major earthquakes are about to occur. […]

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A Message from Jozef’s Ancestors

Please Note: We are from the ANAHUAC (Ah-nah-wahk) (Nahuatl for “the land between the waters”) Nation. This is where Jozef comes from. Anahuac is united by the Olmec origins of our civilizations, our corn culture, our one race, our linguistic ties, and our common world view that was spread throughout this continent. Mexica (Meh-shee-kah, the […]

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On Gurus, the Buddha, and Jozef

Message One: Why Gurus suck People have had forty plus years since, the 60’s, to bring what we needed from Spirit and through to us (from the Indian Gurus). At least two? generations, Boomers and the Adult Children of Boomer’s and still nothing. Gurus are a wash to me. All Guru followers produced nothing except […]