Forever Friends Session


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There is Exciting News for Us and our Deeply Loved and Adored Ancient Forever Friends!

Just as we are on an accelerated Evolutionary Growth trajectory, so are our Forever Friends.  Jozef and His Divine Teams are now able to work with their collective consciousness and Group OverSoul to make adjustments in their Fields individually and collectively as a species.

The Animal Kingdom were originally brought forth in support of Gaia Sophia as she Selflessly gave of herself to sustain ALL of Life on Earth as it evolved.  In Her Likeness, our Forever Friends are continuously giving selflessly teaching us Unconditional Love, compassion, loyalty and so much more – they touch us at the depths of our Souls.

With the energies of the New Stratosphere being awakened and integrated around the Earth, we are now able to give back to them in Ways never before imaginable.  Through Jozef’s Forever Friends Divine Distant Session, our beloved Ancient Beings can now receive the Galactic Fortification, Upliftment, and Evolutionary Leaps they have been waiting for.

Our Forever Friends are constantly pulling dark energies and illness off of us. Often they can become ill themselves as they work to transmute it all. How perfect that we can now support them as they assist us – unconditionally!   Within the energies of the New Stratosphere and the leap in consciousness, Jozef and his Divine Spirit Teams are also able to ease and assist them in their transitions from this dimension to another.

This incredible Galactic Blessing is available at any time.   These Beloved Beings are very susceptible to Elementals, who attach themselves to our treasured friends causing an increase in their stress levels.  When you notice that your Beloved Forever Friends are stressed, upset, ill, or approaching transition, it is especially important to order Divine Support for them, just as we do for ourselves.

Prior to ordering the OneJozef Forever Friend Session for your Beloved pet it is recommended that you have a minimum of one Divine Distant Session for yourself first, so that you and your home, property and objects are recently cleared of negative energies.  The Ancient Forever Friends will then be able to receive all the individual specific assistance of Clearing, Cleaning, Optimal Restoration and Fortification we ourselves receive in Jozef’s Divine Distant Sessions.

This is a Remote Session.

Jozef’s Body of Work is a deep inner cleansing, reaching far and wide on multiple levels, addressing harms and issues preventing you from living the life you were intended to live. This Restoration and Fortification support your expression of Who You Truly Are.

You will see the effects of these Divine Blessings ripple out in all areas of your life, and Beyond. The time is Now.
Remote Sessions are completed without direct communication or feedback from Jozef. With over 25 years of Practice and Experience, Jozef has found that maintaining complete focus on the Work instead of attempting to provide explanations helps to get much more done in a Session. This approach maximizes the Work being done.