Mind Field Session


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We are continuously Blessed with Divine Love and Healing through Jozef, Fortifying and Restoring our Divine Sovereign Selves. The Mind Field Session is a Powerful, deep cleansing and clearing of your Mind Field Space from within, removing deep seated misconceptions, false beliefs, and “junk” that prevents us from being completely Free.

This Session is a Remote Session ~ to Cleanse, Heal, Repair and Restore your Mind Field.

Jozef’s Body of Work is a deep inner cleansing, reaching far and wide on multiple levels, addressing harms and issues preventing you from living the life you were intended to live. This Restoration and Fortification support your expression of Who You Truly Are.

You will see the effects of these Divine Blessings ripple out in all areas of your life, and Beyond. The time is Now.

NOTE: Although each session is a quantum evolutionary leap forward in your restoration, it is highly reccomended that you allow 3-5 sessions for maximim results.