Capacitor Installation Session


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Receiving Capacitor Installation and 432 Hz Re-Tuning

We are entrained by the Earth’s environment that to be a “good” person, we have to give. We give and give and give. But we are not taught how to receive, except in a very specific way unique to Earth that depletes others in order for us to
receive. We “take.”

“Taking” is the only route to receiving in this enclosed system. When our coffers are empty, we give from a deficit, which damages us in a manner we are not aware of and on deep levels, and creates a self-perpetuating system of wounding and harm. The damage shows up in our daily life as debt in its many forms: financial, physical (we aren’t taking care of ourselves in terms of rest, nutrition, exercise, etc., or whatever we do “costs” us), and emotional (giving without receiving, giving from a deficit that harms and wounds us, or allowing others to “take” from us); and we are unable to pull out of it because, in the enclosed system, one side feeds off of the other.

As with all of his Work, Jozef brings permanent solutions from Beyond, from the Divine Realms and with the Galactic Restoration Teams. And the solution to living from deficit with no capacity to receive, is the installation of “Capacitors to Receive” along with a high-level, full-system tune-up that retunes the physical body to the Music of the Spheres (432 Hz), to the Source-Point of True receiving. Once the Capacitors are “downloaded” and turned on, and the body is re- tuned to the Point of Receiving from Beyond, a link- up between the physical incarnation and the Divine Galactics occurs, and a process of re-harmonizing Self begins.

This presents itself in the everyday physical life as an increase in congruent elements as well as an increase in receiving, as a result of becoming congruent to the Beyond, to the place of Wholeness. Having the “capacity” to now receive, but receiving from a place of Wholeness, serves to link up our Self to Life.

This is the place we came from. And now, with the Assistance of Jozef and our Galactic family, the place we are returning to.

This is a Remote Session.

Jozef’s Body of Work is a deep inner cleansing, reaching far and wide on multiple levels, addressing harms and issues preventing you from living the life you were intended to live. This Restoration and Fortification support your expression of Who You Truly Are.

You will see the effects of these Divine Blessings ripple out in all areas of your life, and Beyond. The time is Now.
Remote Sessions are completed without direct communication or feedback from Jozef. With over 25 years of Practice and Experience, Jozef has found that maintaining complete focus on the Work instead of attempting to provide explanations helps to get much more done in a Session. This approach maximizes the Work being done.