Astrological Attunement: Karma Cleanse




As Jozef shared with us during the Lamp in Daylight Chapter 4 Webinar, both Saturn and Mercury are in retrograde. While this may sound intense, it is the very intensity that is creating a massive potential Benefit for us.
The combination of these retrogrades creates a unique Opportunity for accessing old harms and damages which may have previously been impossible to reach. This includes guilt and shame from past lives that may have been with us for many lifetimes. During this time of double retrogrades, these deep wounds can be cleared out once and for all. Clearing out these deep harms and damages creates more room Within for our Highest Self.
Now is the Time to make the most of this Moment.  We can Balance out deep karmic lessons NOW, heal our pain, and have a brighter future for ourselves and our Loved Ones.