30-minute Divine Phone Consultation


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The Extraordinary opportunity of these 30-minute Phone Consults with Jozef is a Blessing and a massive Evolutionary Jump.

For these unique and Sacred Consults, Jozef Transforms into an Instrument of the God Force, shifting into a total merging with Source Reality.  A conduit, a Rainbow Light Bridge is formed. Divine Encodements are unlocked, Spiritual Blessings are bestowed, and your original Inner Engineering activated.  As Jozef and Divine Saints Tune in, the ineffable unfolds.

Jozef has worked for decades honing, refining, and evolving his Spiritual Essence and biological Being to reach the Highest, Deepest states of Sacredness within each of us and Himself. He is Sanctioned by Divine Mind as Transmitter, Communicator, Conveyer, and Representative of Source God. This is possible as a result of the Work Jozef has completed.

Preparation and Participation
Receive Sacred Bestowals and Upliftment as your Sovereign nature is Strengthened during these Life-Altering Transmissions – either in silence or verbally, the choice is yours. To prepare for either session, start by focusing on your personal outcome. Get very clear on your singular Intent.



  1. You verbally lead the Consultation.
  2. Interact as appropriate while letting the Session unfold through the intent you have set.
  3. Time is limited. Allow yourself to move to a deeper level of the Unknowable while actively participating.
  4. A chant protocol will be prescribed.

(Only In Person at Events)

  1. Sit with your eyes closed. Let the Transmission occur in Silence.
  2. This Consultation occurs Being to Being, Essence to Essence, Soul to Soul, Spirit to Spirit, and Mind to Mind.
  3. Further strengthens and shifts you to the Top Consciousness Tier.
  4. Through Silence, the lower 80% consciousness is bypassed and you stream to the top 15% or higher.
  5. A chant protocol will be prescribed.