Awakening the Sacred Body




Jozef and Spirit have designed a NEW Divine Distant Session to Awaken the Sacred Body by bringing the misplaced Solar Connector energy back where it belongs: in your “gut.”
The Solar Connector is the bridge between your Higher Self (the You of You) and the Conscious You who is here now on planet Earth. Despite our God-given connection to All That Is, we continuously reach up and above instead of Remembering to go Within, where our Highest Self resides. The energetic Solar Connector is a powerful circuit that connects directly to the Galactic Core. It’s where we feel, sense, and know the Truth and where Jozef’s Living Words trigger our Innate Knowing.
Your Solar Connector, both physically and etherically, is your True Connection Access Point to God. Incorrect use of Solar Gifts of Spirit moves that connection point up to your heart and lungs, resulting in breathing and sinus issues, often leading to more serious diseases such as pneumonia. Further misuse, incorrect practices, or facilitation can move that connection point even farther to your head region, which causes you to intellectualize everything. This leads to an excess of energy in your head leading to side effects such as sleeplessness. Once the energy is held here, faulty thinking predominates and willfulness is increased.
To address all of this, Jozef and Spirit have designed the new Awakening the Sacred Body Distant Session to bring us into Optimal Flow and Right Relationship to Self and Source Within. As the flow of Life Force is increased and the Connection to Source is Strengthened, this Correction ripples out and Eternally Benefits our Body Soul Spirit Expression Connection.