OneJozef Intensive: Sedona

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Sacred Sites originally placed and aligned to Supreme Source can be found all over the Precious Blue Jewel we call Planet Earth. Many of these  have been compromised: they have been redirected to the Raja Tama, to the illusion and delusion of the Kali Yug.  

As we Reclaim our Divine Heritage and our Direct Connection to Source God, Now is the Time to Reclaim the Divine Directive for and on behalf of ALL Sacred Sites. 

We are All One. 

When One is Restored, 

All are Restored. 

Sedona, Arizona

Sedona is a Convergence Center, a Nexus that provides Access to the Divine Living Records for Self and Ancestors.

During the OJ Intensive, Jozef and His Spirit Teams will be reviewing each participant’s Plan for Restoration to the Divine and make any necessary adjustments, such as the removal of old karma and any multi-dimensional Healing required for us and our Ancestors.  

With his Divine Spirit Teams, Jozef will complete the Galactic Reset from our current de-evolutionary timeline to the Collective Evolutionary Timeline of the Renaissance Age: 1000 years of  Sattva.  As we are synced to the Golden Age and this massive Reset is completed on Behalf of ALL Life, it will ripple out from this important Nexus to each Sacred Site on our Beloved Mother – to Gaia Sophia Herself and to ALL of Life.

At Immersion 2016: Prophecy and Resurrection, we learned Truths that shattered illusions held for aeons.  As these Sacred Sites are Reset and Reclaimed, the deceptive veils of the Kali Yug fall away, allowing the Many to begin to See.

Join Jozef, Spirit, and our Community to realign yourself with Supreme Source God, who created All. Let us discover the unlimited Potential within each of us.  Together, we can Refocus our Collective Trajectory toward the Age of Renaissance. 

In this challenging year of 2017: Stratosphere, we have an opportunity to come into Congruency with Truth and Support Unity through Congruency for All.

The Galactic Forces of Divine Light are ready to commence this Sacred Work.  Are you?  Join Jozef and Spirit for the OneJozef INtensive in Sedona, AZ, September 15 through 17th, 2017.

Once you have registered for this OJ Intensive, the OJ Office will send you lodging and other logistical information for Sedona, AZ.

Arrive a Day Early – Stay a Day or Two After     

September 15 2017


Start: September 15, 2017
End: September 17, 2017
Cost: $770


Sedona, Arizona USA

OJ Member Tuition: $660

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Mastermind Teaching & Transmission with Jozef

*We suggest bringing your Personal Template and Intent with you for optimal results.