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Salients at the Round Table: A Unique Mastermind Group
A traditional mastermind group seeks to be a source of inspiration and support for the stated goals of each member of the group. The space and time of any meeting provides a venue for new and often unanticipated ideas to occur via the collective charge of a group that can jumpstart or fuel each member’s goals.  
A OneJozef Mastermind Teaching and Transmission goes Beyond the earthly model to Support each participant’s short and long term goals at all levels of his or her Being.  This brings each participant into Congruency with the Highest Level of Expression and Work for this lifetime, extended out to one’s Eternity.
The results stem from the Law of One and can be seen in one’s daily life, raising us and ALL on the Evolutionary Spiral.
Attend an OJ Mastermind Teaching and Transmission and take your everyday effectiveness to previously unknown levels of Ease and Grace.
September 17 2017


Date: September 17, 2017
Cost: $330


Sedona, Arizona USA