2017 OJ Membership Dues




In this pivotal year of 2017: Stratosphere, being a part of the OJ Community is a Blessing from the Living System to you and your entire family, as the Divine Plan continues to unfold on our Beloved Jewel Gaia Sophia ~ Mother Earth.



  • First and foremost: You are Registered in the OneJozef Creation Field for all of 2017.
  • Enjoy Special OJ Member pricing for
    • Events on the 2017 published OJ Calendar throughout the year.
    • New for 2017: The monthly 30-minute OneJozef Lamp in Daylight Global Webinars and monthly 30-minute Cliff Notes Webinars (insert payment link) – buy individual Webinars – or combine the yearly Webinar schedule with any 2017 Event Package.  Please note: there is no Webinar-only package.
  • Receive the OJ Member’s 10% discount on retail purchases** when you shop the Capitan, mobile, or online OneJ Store.
  • Receive priority scheduling for Divine Distant Healing Sessions and 30 Minute Phone Consults.  NEW for 2017:  In-Person Silent Consult with Jozef, which is exclusively available at Jozef’s scheduled In-Person Events (subject to availability).
  • Receive exclusive updates and access to OneJozef Instruments of Light.
  • Work in the Living, Organic Network to effect Permanent Solutions in an impermanent world.
  • Assistance available through the Sierra Dove Satsang’s Team Support as needed.
  • Receive a response to your email or phone inquiry from the OJ Office within 24 hours.
  • Receive exclusive access to cutting-edge Type 1 Civilization information and Empowerments.
  • Simply by being an active, participating OJ Member, you qualify to join the Sierra Dove Satsang, which includes exclusive access to The Living Word of OneJozef documents, videos, and calls, and other special offerings throughout the year.
  • Exclusive OJ Member invites in 2017 to Free Spirit Matters with Jozef.

Simply by being an OJ Member, you are eligible for a payment plan on any of the 2017 OneJozef Events, Trainings, Webinars, and Sessions. All payment plans are calculated to conclude December 2017. *Please note: Zero interest on all on-time payments! Invoicing will take place the 1st through the 5th of each month with a 30-day grace period. 3% interest accrues on all past due invoices. 


Check out the 2017 Calendar to start planning your New Year! Visit the OJ Website to select the OneJozef Plan of Action that best supports your 2017 Restoration!


When One is Restored, All are Restored.


Please note the updated Office policies: 

  • The published OJ Event Calendar is subject to change at any time and each OJ Event is subject to cancellation and/or rescheduling.  We will do our best to notify you as far in advance as possible.  Refunds are not available for cancelled Events.
  • Any additions to the 2017 OJ Event calendar are separate from all packages and can be purchased individually or added to your payment plan. 


* Some restrictions apply.  Discounts not applicable to any Group Restorative Healing and Fortifications, Phone or In-Person Consults, or Remote Healing Sessions.

** Affiliate and Select Products and Guru Beach Apparel are not eligible for Member discounts.