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Truth or Consequences is an Ancient and Sacred Ancestral Site for Jozef and his Lineage. His Ancestors and Elders have been here for many generations – long before the colonization of this land.


For Jozef, Truth or Consequences has been a second home.
After decades of Private Practice, he has finally opened up this Holy Ground to Select and Advanced groups.
It is here with Jozef in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico, with the Blessing of the Sacred Waters, supported by the Sovereignty of the Turtle Mountain Medicine, that the Holy Work of Gnosis can occur.




Where East meets West! Where Spirit fills Body.  Where Soul is Reconstituted!  Join Jozef, as he has distilled the most powerful yet safest practices from several tried and true Methodologies from Eastern and Western, Tribal and Indigenous Practices withheld from the public for many generations. His Toltec Ancestors plus other Lineage Masters have Blessed Jozef’s endeavor to bring this Ancient Spiritual Remedy to what ails the Soul of Humanity.


As the Sacred Water activates in you, this allows your Spirit to enter your Body, Filling and Overflowing your Cup. This is where Soul is reconstituted by Turtle Medicine, all United by Jozef’s steady hand and the ever-watchful eyes of the Mother God Herself. Step by Step, Spirit and Flesh are made One.


Join us for this ineffable and unique experience. Truly Divine! Truly Once-in-a-Lifetime.




3 vegetarian meals will be provided daily that consist of clean, carefully-prepared Sattvic food.  If you have any special dietary needs or considerations, please bring your own food to be sure your needs are met and you have what you need.  We apologize in advance that we are unable to accommodate any special dietary needs.


You are welcome to stay at the hotel of your choosing.  For more information on T or C’s many lodging options, please click here.
Note: for those staying at Pelican Spa, please pay attention to their cancellation and refund policy before booking a room there:
  • A deposit is required.
  • There are no refunds available for cash or credit.
It is strongly suggested to wait until checkout to pay in full for your room.
Hot Springs Soaking
Learn more about the various soaking venues in T or C by clicking here.
View Jozef’s Soaking Protocol by clicking here.
April 19 2018


Start: April 19
End: April 22
Cost: $990


Truth or Consequences, New Mexico USA

Pelican Spa, The Loft, 306 Pershing Street
Truth or Consequences, NM 87901 United States

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1 575-740-5079

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OJ Member Tuition: $770

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There will be a basic selection of foods. Please understand that we will not be able to accommodate special dietary restrictions. If you have such restrictions, please coordinate your own meals as needed.


Devi Darshan with Jozef: The Mother’s Grace Experience

*We suggest bringing your Personal Template and Intent with you for optimal results.

Attend Gnosis for an additional 2 days. Click here for more information.