Webinar: Resurrection of the Divine within the Self

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Resurrection of the Divine within the Self

Empathic Cellular Reboot and Teaching

Webinars are scheduled for up to one hour.

Jozef has introduced a new Webinar format for 2018.  These Webinars will occur on days that present unique Divine Alignments.  It is during these Divine Alignments that very specific Evolutionary Jumps can occur.  As anyone who participated in the January 1st, 2018 Webinar can attest, the Work being performed on our Behalf is unprecedented on this Planet.


These are Empathic Cellular Reboot and Teaching Webinars.

What is an Empathic Cellular Reboot?
Jozef is a Molecular Empath, which allows him to access the deepest reaches of our Mitochondrial DNA and Co-Create a Rejuvenation of Spirit within the Biology. Jozef calls this a Cellular Reboot. Once you are primed to step over this threshold, all of the empathic damages your Soul has collected throughout your earthly sojourn become null and void.


What is a Teaching Webinar?
You may have heard Jozef refer to, ‘another day in the life at Earth School, where only the bravest of souls take up this Spiritual Curriculum’, and where, for many, each year on Earth is an undergraduate course.  He has also stated that it is time for each of us to Graduate with Honors by enrolling in a Spiritual Graduate Program so that we can attain our Ph.D.


With Jozef, the Teacher of Teachers, as our Advisor, we can meet and exceed the challenges of of our studies. Whether in Spirit or at home, Guidance is assured.


With all of the interference at hand, Jozef can raise each of us above the roar of the din and make sure we are Present and Spiritually accounted for, so that you may receive the many benefits of Support you will need, which are updated and very unique to each soul as he or she is reaching their finals.  A Year of Evolutionary Jumps Awaits…


Consider Robert’s cliff notes from one of Jozef’s graduate-level courses:


……December 21st 2012 came and went like every other day  – or did it?
Quietly, while the New Age braced for the end of the world, Jozef (the Teacher of Teachers) ushered in         a New Spiritual Day with the support of his Galactic Team, the time in between one Divine Dream ending and the next one taking hold. He calls this ‘the 7 Breaths of God’. 
In that moment (7 Breaths), everything from Spirit that was and had been was updated. Everything. Before the next Dream takes hold, WE MUST become the New Seeds.
The New Fields of Spirit are Rising. Creation must reflect the Age of Awareness, the Age of the Devi. The only way to learn the New Language of Spirit and receive your updated Spiritual Instruction Manual, is to simply jump in the Spiritual Stream with Jozef. It is hard to explain this material. We encourage you to come and study with the Teacher of Teachers. Together, we will all learn what the new terminology is and who the new Spiritual Teams are and all that entails.  What is meant by the ‘7 Breaths of God’ and how does that apply to us individually and collectively? So much to Learn. We are Ready.  


Join Jozef throughout 2018 to learn how the Universe’s rules have Evolved and how they have been updated; how the content and context of Spirit Transformed  in one Single Breath…


When you walk with and receive instruction from a True Prophet of God, well, there are no words. Jozef lives each day as a New Creation of Spirit. As we take this walk, we reach our Spiritual Summit. We are preparing for our finals…
To continue the TRUE course, sign up for the 2018 Empathic Cellular Reboot and Teaching Webinars.
March 30 2018


Date: March 30
Time: 6:00 MST - 7:00 MST
Cost: $150