The Maha Vidyas

Photo by Flickr user Orin Zebest - Creative Commons Copyright

The Maha Vidyas

“The Sanskrit root of Maha means Great, and Vidya means Wisdom, Knowledge, Manifestation, or Revelation all at the same time.

The Dus Maha Vidays, or 10 Goddesses, are actually ten aspects of Devi, or Maa Durga, the Divine Mother. They are Goddesses of Wisdom and represent an entire spectrum of Divinity, or Maa, right from the most wrathful and horrific of goddesses to the most peaceful.

What this means is that the Maha Vidays are the representatives of the Whole of Creation, or the 10 Aspects that we can fold All of Creation into, which make up the body of the Mother God, or Goddess.

For the people who want 2023 to be different, and the people who want the 1,000 years of peace not to end — even though we’re just at the beginning of it and it’s going to be really hard — the Maha Vidyas are the only answer to preventing destruction.

If we do not turn our Evolution over to them, and they do not spearhead our Evolutionary jumps in the world, we’ll end up right back where we are now. We need a circle of influence that comes from the Feminine Spirit, and it’s the Maha Vidyas who have my vote to spearhead all that I and we do.”

– Jozef

Battle for Sanity, 25 March 2017  &  Cliff Notes Global Webinar: Chapter 4, 2 April 2017