Mastermind Teaching & Transmission with Jozef – Dec 4, 2017

MasterMind Classes with Jozef


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Product Description

Salients at the Round Table: A Unique Mastermind Group
A traditional mastermind group seeks to be a source of inspiration and support for each member of the group. A OneJozef Mastermind Teaching and Transmission goes Beyond the earthly model.
In this 30-minute Group Session, Jozef will suspend linear time as we now measure it. As you settle deeper into your breath you will be guided through a Galactic Portal encircled by Loving Kindness. It is here where you will reunite with Jozef as He and His Galactic Team Access and Activate your Cosmic Blueprint.
In the Weightlessness of No Time, Pristine Particles of Divine Light and Golden Chi are Woven through the fabric of your Cellular Structure, Strengthening the Matrix surrounding your God Spark.
As you descend from the Galactic Chambers and integrate all that you have received, you will return more Peaceful, Calm, Centered, Grounded and Focused. This allows for right action to be taken.
Results stem from the Law of One and can be seen in one’s daily life, raising each of us and ALL on the Evolutionary Spiral. Attend an OJ Mastermind Teaching and Transmission. Take your effectiveness to previously unknown levels of Ease and Grace.