OneJozef Matrix Teaching – Nov 11-12, 2017


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The Times We are in Call for Us to Own our Work as Never Before

The Battle between Light and dark is intensifying. We must take a stand for ourselves through our Divine Right of Consciousness.  It’s time to come into Unity through Congruency by utilizing the Solutions brought to us by Jozef and His Divine Spirit Teams.  These Strengthen our True Self so we may Rise through the next set of lessons and meet all challenges, knowing they are not bigger than us. We hold firm in our Divine Spark of Inner Peace instead of falling apart in chaos.

The ignorance of the Kali Yug Age blinds our Heart, Mind, and Soul.  As we move Forward, it is through our very struggle that we Become, like the butterfly emerging from the cocoon.

Internally and externally, we are in a Battle for Wholeness and for our complete Restoration and Fortification. This mini-Armageddon manifests as stress and pressure in our daily lives at home, at work, in our communities, government, and the world. Our level of stress is equal to the distance between our Sovereign God Spark and our Consciousness.

Jozef and His Divine Spirit Teams work with each individual in a group setting to restore our Divine Matrices — ALL that is Truly You, Re-Membered.  The clearer you become the more open, accepting, and receptive you can be Toward God.  With more space and freedom to Be You, greater flow and increased well-being occur.  This is reflected in all areas of your life, including greater Financial Wealth and Prosperity.  Work can then move forward with greater success in the world — the Collective Matrix.  This is not a time to isolate, give in, or give up.  We must perform our Daily Work.  When we gather to work in group, we are exponentially Strengthened by Unity through Congruency.

Despite the dark events of the Raja Tama playing out on our planet and in our lives, we are not alone. Together we can Refocus our Collective Trajectory toward the Age of Renaissance. Join Jozef, Spirit, and our Community and realign yourself with Supreme Source God, that which created All. Let us discover the unlimited Potential within each of us.

Take a Stand for YourSelf, your Eternity, your Family, and your Community.