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Broadcasting: Broadcasting Part 4 from Jozef’s 2016 December Immersion

As we step into 2017, new opportunities to achieving greater Unity through Congruency emerge. With a very exciting new schedule of events planned for this year, Jozef and the Spirit world have also given us an immense opportunity to evolve our Sierra Dove Satsang to a new level of practice within our Spiritual Community.

It is with immense excitement that we introduce to you the new Sierra Dove Satsang Video Webinars! These Webinars are an opportunity to bear witness to the Recordings of the Living Word and Works of Jozef and his Teachings over the course of the last several years.

This unique opportunity will be available once a month for all OJ members who have participated in these previous events, Immersions, etc. Those OJ Members who have not attended these previous events have the opportunity to attend these Video Webinars through an investment.

Experience (or re-experience) the Divine Transmissions and Teachings from Jozef through this incredible Gift from Spirit!

December 10 2017


Date: December 10
Time: 6:00 pm - 7:00 pm
Cost: $165