Lamp in Daylight Global Webinar: Chapter 12

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2017 Stratosphere

Hosted by Jozef Dominguez
The Making and Mending of our Spirit Soul Essence continues to unfold through 2017. Join Jozef and his Teams as we are Embraced by Greater Spiritual Forces as this process completes upon and Creates Itself.

Come into Congruency with ALL of you NOW.  

This is not a time to give in or give up.

Take back your Territory.

30 Divinely-Charged Minutes sending Divine Consciousness to you in any location. Destroy negative energies. Purify and protect YOU and your personal space.

These Webinars provide Leading Edge Information and Processes from the Living, Organic Network, each one building upon the last.  These are a perfect introduction to Jozef and his Work while also providing Support, Strength, and Sustenance to help us meet the needs of each day. A new chapter will be introduced every month to build the Strength and Fortification Within that will move us Forward with Ease and Grace.

2017 and Beyond

With new challenges and difficulties affecting our lives, Life on Earth is growing more and more intense. 30 minutes with Jozef Clears and Cleans us, allowing us to resonate with Life. We can rise above the horrors around us.

Take a Stand for YourSelf, your Eternity, your Family, your Community.  

December 03 2017


Date: December 3, 2017
Time: 12:15 MST - 1:00 MST
Cost: $100