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The Sierra Dove Satsang provides a place for greater in-depth understanding and study of the Teachings transmitted by Jozef and his Divine Spirit Teams. Students committed to their Advanced Study can now work more deeply with Jozef’s Living Words. 

The Sierra Dove Satsang Intent and Purpose is to return to Real and True Unity through Congruency, demonstrating that we are Assets to the Divine Mission. We invite all participants to come into consensus with Us.

Members meet the 3rd and 4th Sunday of each month via webinar, online or by phone (provided an Event is not scheduled). We review personal notes and address the following as needed. Participating in this and all tasks is Free Will choice.

  • Requests for Support that have been sent to the OneJozef Office. As a Group we will perform the OneJozef Steps and OneJozef Ministry to help Resolve these issues.
  • Complete outside homework, usually small tasks to help us integrate the information we are covering.
  • Work on ongoing projects for the benefit of deepening our understanding and application of the information being covered.
  • Utilize the OneJozef Steps and OneJozef Ministry for one another during the week on our own time to further support one another in our Restoration and Fortification. 
  • As our Satsang evolves, more will be added and/or updated.

Participation is taken seriously so that maximum benefit from this Opportunity can be achieved. The Spirit World is ACTIVELY PAYING ATTENTION TO everything we do and don’t do. Now is the Time to make the most of this Blessing.

How to Attend

Our Satsang is open to current active 2017 OneJozef Members only. If you would like to attend, please click here to send an email to Christopher Herrera.

November 26 2017


Date: November 26, 2017
Time: 7:00 MST - 8:00 MST
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OneJ Members Only

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