Sessions with Jozef

Jozef’s Divine Remote Restoration Sessions are a powerful alchemical process of achieving and maintaining Health and Well-Being on All levels. The initial Massive, Galactic, life-altering experience of Cleansing and Fortifying Restores us forever. We gain more freedom and more room. Clouds are lifted from our sight and deep-seated wounds are dissolved.

Initial Sessions

Initial Sessions cleanse the entire Foundation of our Being, clearing any and all defilements. We are now experiencing the end result of ALL of our collateral damage from this and other lifetimes. Some harms and damages are more easily removed than others. Those stemming from long term or past (parallel) lives may require more intensive Clearing, due to their deeper roots.

We can hold higher levels of Spiritual Blessings in our Field, but we must first create the space through Liberation from enough of our grudges, bitterness, and harms. This often requires three Foundational Initial Sessions to address.

Ancestral Restoration

After the Initial Sessions, we can then move on to addressing the collateral damage from our Ancestors. Since we are the people here in physical form our Ancestors are counting on us to work out their long-term issues as well, adding additional layers of debris that require cleanup. However, much more work is done in these sessions: many Ancestors are elevated, all Ancestors causing harm are stopped, and a connection is created to the Ancestor Advisor with the help of the Shamanic Allies. All of this Work allows more room for our Sovereign Nature to inhabit our biological forms.

Parallel & Concurrent Lives

Everyone has different levels of grudges, bitterness, and harms. When these have all been adequately addressed through the Restorative Works of Jozef and his Divine Spirit Team, the next step can be taken. Our parallel/concurrent lives can then be accessed. Defilements and negativity being held there can be addressed where the effects will roll out to the Collective Consciousness of All.


Imagine building a house: we begin with the foundation, which in this case is the initial Cleansing and Restoration/Healing work. Following the original Divine Blueprint, we construct the framework and then add the walls and roof to strengthen and fortify the building – so that it can endure. Eventually, we will have to look at what has piled up and been forgotten in the basement, including the wounds of the Inner Child, but not until the rest of the house has been cleansed and the foundation and walls have been Reinforced and Strengthened. Then the cleansing of our deep-seated harms and damages hidden in the basement is most beneficial and lasting.

Other Sessions

Once we have had the initial Foundational Clearing and Restoration Sessions, other types of Sessions can be completed: Crystal Points Removal, Light Body Activation, and more. All of Jozef’s Galactic Divine Session Offerings are Leaps in Consciousness and Steps on the Evolutionary Path that support us and our growth for All Eternity.

There was a time when one Session would rid us of defilements and they would be cleared from the Field for many years. Unfortunately, this is no longer the case. Stress and pressure are increasing as our opportunities for massive Evolutionary Growth on unprecedented levels are also increasing. There is much in all of us that is unfinished business from this and other lives. The energy on the planet has changed substantially, and the involutionary forces have increased in intensity and interference.

Divine Remote Sessions

Jozef recommends a Divine Remote Session every two months for maximum Cleansing, Clearing, Support, and continued Restoration; every three months at a minimum. OneJozef Instruments of Light and Prayers support us for 30 days. Those in service to others and anyone with high levels of empathy will be well served by the continuous support of regular Sessions with Jozef for their own Restoration, Fortification, and Evolution.

Additional Tools

An additional recommendation to support your continuing Evolution and that of others is to incorporate the OneJozef Ministry Intercessory Prayers and the OneJozef Ministry Steps into your Spiritual Toolbox. These Precious Gifts from God bring Ease and Grace in assisting ourselves and others.

Information on the OneJozef Ministry Intercessory Prayers can be found here.
Information on the OneJozef Ministry Steps can be found here.
Please consider using these Tools as an important part of your self-care and Reclamation. To really give yourself a hand up, contact us to reserve your space on Jozef’s Calendar for a Divine Remote Session every two to three months (just as you would with regular maintenance of your vehicle: car, truck, etc.) or add them one at a time throughout the year.
You can register for your Sessions by clicking here.

Liberate Am I.

Of course, when in a crisis, do not wait; order a Session immediately.