Immersion 9 – Nov 30 – Dec 6, 2017 (7 day)


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Now is the Time to Commit to 2023

All will shift in 2023 as we move into the Golden Age of Renaissance. Now is the Time to make the Commitment to your Self, your family, and your Ancestors that you will be Left Standing when this Age of Aquarius begins. Pull yourself to 2023 — or pull 2023 to you.

December 2017 Immersion

Plan now to join Jozef and Spirit November 30 through December 4, 2017 in Truth or Consequences, NM.

At Immersion 2017:

  • Strengthen and Fortify yourSelf for the coming year of 2018 and Beyond.
  • Signal to the Universe your Commitment to fulfilling your Divine Destiny.
  • Recalibrate your Energy Signature to the Golden Age of Renaissance.
  • Bring forth your authentic Soul Essence.
  • Strengthen your Connections to the Living Organic Network System.
  • Become an Awakened-Presence with Sattva, which then permeates your environment.
  • Transmit a Divine Signature into your Space at any given time.
  • Develop the Diamond-shaped Varja Body – the Sacred Fire Within.
  • Prepare your Light-Body to be a Catchment System for Sattva.

Let us come together in CommUnity to develop the Sattva within, Here and Now, with the OneJozef Practices we have been Taught. Together, let us move all of our Loved Ones, Family, Friends, ALL forward to the Safety of the Golden Age of Renaissance in 2023.

The Earth is in Peril. At Immersion 2017, we will learn how to address what is coming.

All are Welcome
No matter where you are in your Spiritual Journey, you are welcome to enter the Spiritual Stream of Consciousness with Jozef and Spirit. The time is NOW.