Self Care Level 1

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Self-Care Level 1

Prior to and following any deep-level Session, Consult, Gnosis, Event, Intensive, or Immersion, you may experience a transition period during which you are aware of changes in your Energetic Field.  This is a time to integrate feelings and emotions that may surface, and move into your next level of Wholeness.  With that in mind, Jozef recommends the following Protocols to ease the transition as you adjust to holding a Higher Vibrational Frequency in your biologics and energy field.  

Please begin the protocol at your earliest convenience.


Tibetan Supplements. Jozef recommends the Tibetan supplements Semde, Agar 35, and Iluminal. In addition to the many benefits listed on the labels of each supplement, these products actually build a complete astrological system Within us. Jozef has observed tremendous shifts in those who have been following the Tibetan supplement protocol.

  • Tibetan Supplement Recommended Dosage
    • Follow the dosing recommendation on label. In addition, it is optimal to wait at least two hours before or after taking a Tibetan supplement to take any over-the-counter or pharmaceutical medication.


Anointed Tibetan Teas* and Jozef’s Signature of God Elixirs*.  Jozef’s Anointed Tibetan Remedy Teas and Signature of God Divine Botanical and Gem and Mineral Elixirs support our Restoration and Fortification.

  • Anointed Tibetan Teas Recommended Dosage
    • Women: 6 sips at each interval. Pause and repeat 3 times.
    • Men: 7 sips at each interval. Pause and repeat 3 times.
  • Jozef’s Signature of God Elixirs Recommended Dosage**
    • Women: Place 6 drops under the tongue 2-3 three times a day.
    • Men: Place 7 drops under the tongue 2-3 times a day.
      • If you’re on a multiple tincture regimen, take the remedies a minimum of 3 minutes apart.
      • For oral ingestion: Morning dosage is most effective.
      • For use with baths: Add 7-8 drops into bath water. This method is often more effective than oral ingestion alone.
      • Combination of oral ingestion and bath usage is more synergistic and beneficial than either oral ingestion or bath use alone.
      • Up to 9 different tinctures can be taken at a time.
      • Shake the elixirs to energize them further before each use. Five shakes should be sufficient.

**Please Note: Botanical elixirs are alcohol-based. Botanical, Gem, and Mineral elixirs contain distilled water. 


Essential Oils and Flower Essences.  These help to transmute energy and align a person to a mental and emotional state most conducive to spiritual growth.

  • Essential Oils.  The following are used for Grounding and Fortification (alone or in combination; apply to pressure points or on the bottom of the feet): Juniper, Sandalwood, Lavender, and Angelica.
  • Bach Flower Essences (brandy-based essences).  We especially recommend Walnut, Clematis, and Rescue Remedy.  Walnut protects the aura and helps one transition into heightened spirituality.  Clematis is helpful for grounding and centering in the here and now.  Rescue Remedy is recommended for a smoother transition and integration process.
    • Bach Flower Essence Recommended Dosage: Place two or three drops under the tongue three times a day for at least 2 weeks. Make sure to take each remedy a minimum of 3 minutes apart.  Please note, these are alcohol-based. Spring water-infused may be substituted.


Recommended Processes.  Jozef recommends the following processes for your continued Restoration and Fortification.

  • EMF Balancing. We highly recommend an EMF Balancing session from Ann Crystal as a follow-up to any Activation or Empowerment. Can be done in-person or distantly.  First-time recommendation is to schedule 2 sessions 24 hours apart. Ann may be contacted at  For more info on
  • ATLAS Profilax.  A one-time adjustment. Contact information: 310.912.3700
  • Wayne Brewer: Remote Divine Healing Session (1-3 are recommended).

Further Guidelines.  Adhering to the guidelines below for a minimum of three days, optimally forty days, will maximize your results.

For 3-40 days following an energetic Session or Event:

  • Avoid chile or spicy hot foods: Chiles inflame the system and constrict energetic flow.
  • Eat only unfertilized eggs: Eating fertilized eggs interferes with the healing effects of herbs and supplements and higher energy integration.
  • Avoid pork: Pork is a spiritually-unclean meat.
  • No commercially-grown bananas for 40 days: Chemicals in any food cause interference in the same way that alcohol disrupts the healing process of the body.
  • Avoid alcohol/smoking/caffeine: Blocks all healing energies and sends lower-density vibrations to the body, as well as astral energy.
  • Drink plenty of clean, pure water.
  • Get extra rest so your body can integrate with Ease and Grace.
  • Do not expend your energy in emotional outbursts:  Save your strength.
  • Avoid any other energetic bodywork, astral-psychic reading, or other low-level astral practices.
  • Use a stabilizing, cleansing meditation as often as possible.  Daily prayer and a OneJozef Gnosis practice will greatly aid your progress.
  • The First Gate houses tremendous power and strength in this realignment process. Correct utilization of one’s physical sexual energy should be maximized (enhanced) by going within. In going outward, you diminish the expression of Same.
  • When possible, consider Jozef’s Divine Nutritional Principles: A gluten-free, whole-food, organic diet.
  • Getting 8 hours of sleep and daily exercise; stretching and fresh air is always beneficial.
  • Service Work in your community.


Ongoing, Daily Strengthening and Support whether at home or when traveling. Note: The OneJ Store is continually adding new and powerful products to Fortify and Strengthen you wherever you are: new Tensor Tools*, Deity Lockets*, Rudraksha Beads*, Hawaiian Spirulina, Blue Solar Water bottles*, and Tibetan Herbal supplements* and Tibetan Herbal remedies* are some of the newest additions.

  • Ghee butter lamps*

Jozef recommends immediately switching from regular candles to lighting Ghee Butter Lamps.  These can be purchased as ready-made tea lights or easily assembled using a clay holder with a divot for the wick, cotton wick, and ghee butter. When you are experiencing stress, chaos, and drama, light a Ghee

Butter lamp.  The effect will be instantaneous as the particles of Divine Consciousness are released into the space you are in.  It is also recommended to light a Ghee Butter lamp for your Ancestors.  This will support their moving to the Higher, Divine Realms.

  • Divine Incense*

The Divine Incense also releases particles of Divine Consciousness into any space you are in when it is directed so by the following prayer:

A prayer to be made before lighting an incense stick, sage, butter lamp, etc.:

(W)Holy Infinite Mother, Holy Shekinah, Holy Father, please let the fragrance of this incense stick, sage, butter lamp, rose spray, etc., spread particles of Divine Consciousness into this home, office, personal private property, etc. Let the negative energies be destroyed so that the home, office, personal private property, etc. is spiritually purified and protected. We ask and thank You for this in the Most(W)Holy Name of the Trimorphic Protennoia Sophia. Amen.

  • Camphor Tablets*

Camphor provides protection from dark force by breaking up black veils and black energy. To use the Camphor tablets:

  • Place about 1⁄4 of a tab in the palm of your hands.
  • Crush it between your fingers but do not inhale the dust.
  • Rub the crushed camphor between your palms.
  • Bring your palms with crushed/rubbed camphor up to your face about 6 inches away and gently breath it in. • Rub some on your temples, jaw/cheek area, forehead and top of head.
  • Gently breathe in the camphor again.

Note: Camphor is toxic and must be crushed/rubbed first to be safe for use. Please use away from pets and animals. Do not ingest.

  • Efun*

Efun (pronounced oh-foon) is used for protection. It represents purity, tranquility, protection, mental clarity and wisdom. Efun is a chalk-like substance. It will leave a residue on clothing similar to chalk that can be easily washed off. Use for drawing symbols on walls, doorways and floors. You can also draw lines of protection on doorways and windows, both inside and out. It can be broken up and crushed for use.

To use for protection, concentrate on your intent for protection:

  • Break off a piece.
  • Trace a line of powder:
    • On your wrists
    • Around your ankles
    • On the soles of your feet from toe to heel
    • Around your neck
  • Sprinkle some of the crushed Efun dust on the top of your head (crown).

When finished, rub it into your skin if needed. You can also simply let it stay visible.


Total Body Cleanse or organ by organ.  Jozef is working to create an ongoing full and total body cleanse protocol. Pending its release, begin with the following:

An easy start is the Renew Life Cleanses.  Alternatively, Hannah Kroeger and Hulda Clark each have very high-quality cleanses that are recommended.  These can all be purchased on their respective websites, on Amazon, and through many health food stores.

Please make sure your cleanse includes:

  • Parasites
  • Liver and gallbladder
  • Lymph glands
  • Virus
  • Chemical or heavy metal “detox”
  • Reproductive organs
  • Inflammation


Salt Bath.  An Epsom salt/baking soda bath is calming and helps to pull toxins from the system.  (Add 2 cups Epsom salts and ½ cup baking soda to a warm bath and soak for 20 minutes).  Alternatively, to soothe your body and balance your PH levels, mix 1 cup of Celtic Sea Salt in your bath. It is beneficial to do some kind of salt bath at least once a week.

We understand these protocols may be challenging to your lifestyle.

These suggestions will optimize your Healing Process.

FYI:  Not only is it particularly important to refrain from taking drugs of any kind (marijuana included), consuming wine or other alcoholic beverages prior to, during, or after an event, it is equally important to consider eliminating these vices from your diet and lifestyle altogether.  Both drugs and alcohol are poisonous to your body – to all of your bodies:  mental, physical, emotional and Spiritual. Smoking marijuana rips holes in your auric field, allowing in unwanted negative energies and entities.  While you are working to raise your personal frequency, take leaps in consciousness, and purify your body as the Sacred Temple that houses your Spirit and Soul, the de-evolutionary forces of drugs and alcohol are working against you to significantly lower your Personal Vibratory Rate and wreak havoc in your field and body.

While it is not mandatory for you to give up anything, part of making a conscious, informed decision is being aware how it blocks healing energies and increases the Raja Tama energies.  Spiritual Protocols and Practices are diminished greatly, and therefore affects our Evolution.

*These products and more are available for purchase from the OneJ Store, either online at, at the on-site Store in Capitan, NM, or the mobile Store at any Event. To inquire about any of these products or to place an order, please send an email to

Jozef and Spirit have told us that only 0.001% of the world’s population — about 70,000 people — need to become Fully and Authentically Awakened. Once this happens, the collective consciousness will be positively affected and people all over the World will Awaken. Those 70,000 prepare the way for 2023. This is The Law of One in Action.

Jozef’s Events and Classes are for those who wish to become one of those 70,000 and are willing to do their part. These are the people Jozef works with. 

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