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Are you ready for a
Limitless 2018?

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Jozef travels Globally and Beyond to bring the Divine Plan to Ultimate Fruition. In 2018, he brings the Devi of Devis fully onto the Planet. She is Grace. She will shift our reality in a way we cannot comprehend.

As we move toward 2023, seemingly insurmountable challenges arise for all of humanity. This is not a time to give up or give in. This is a time to do our Work, knowing that we are not alone on any level.

Current OneJozef Members can attest to the depth of Work that has been done on their behalf. The Support you will receive as a 2018 OJ Member is tailored specifically for the Paradigm Shift that has already begun. This prodigious Support extends to your Family, your Community, and your Environment.

2018 is a time to Stabilize and Prepare. It’s a year where we may see Jozef shift the Living System to the Devi, where Top Tier Members will have access to a dynamic new Devi Session, and where you may overcome obstacles you once thought were permanent. This is a year for Change.

Member Benefits

  • Members are registered in the OneJozef Creation Field and Living Organic Network System for all of 2018.
  • Special OJ Member pricing for Events and Webinars.
  • 10% discount on retail purchases from the OneJ Store.
  • Priority scheduling for Divine Remote Sessions, Phone Consultations, and In-Person Devi Sessions.
  • OneJozef Satsang participation and access to the Living Works of OneJozef documents, Videos, Webinars, and more.
  • Divine Assistance and Intervention available through the OneJozef Ministry Support Team.
  • Entry to free 2018 Spirit Matters with Jozef.
  • OneJozef Divine Astrological updates and support unique to the challenges facing you throughout 2018.Reminder: Saturn is moving into Capricorn. Jozef recommends that Capricorns stay informed and up to date as we move through this.
  • Updates and priority access to rare and limited OneJ Store Products from around the world.
  • Divine Attunement at 2AM and 2PM every day throughout 2018.
  • Priority response to your email or phone inquiry from the OJ Office within 24 hours.
  • Cutting edge Type 1 Civilization information and Empowerments.
  • Personalized payment plans.

Are you ready to make your
2018 Commitment?

Your 2018 OJ Membership Investment of $330 can pay for itself after a single Event through Members-only Tuition. Additionally, all 2018 Events will maintain 2017 pricing for 2018 OJ Members.

Make your Stand and hold your Ground.

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