Mike M.

Mike M.

Having been slightly introverted and not really very talkative this recent change comes as a welcome surprise. I was standing outside my car waiting to have it inspected, there was another guy also waiting. Out of the blue I walked over and started talking to him. The conversation went on for at least ten minutes, it was about nothing in particular; his family, cars, etc. and I was never at a loss for words and completely relaxed, it was like I knew him for years.

Later that afternoon, I stopped for lunch at an outdoor Mexican Canteen. I was sitting under an umbrella waiting for lunch. Two women ordered lunch and were standing under a different umbrella. When lunch came, there was no place for the women to sit. There were three empty chairs where I was sitting, so I invited them to join me, and had a pleasant relaxed conversation with them. It was definitely better than eating alone.

Last night I stopped to relax and have a tea, and an elderly woman with a cane had just ordered a sandwich and tea. She couldn’t negotiate the cane, tea, and sandwich out to a table, so I walked over and offered to carry her sandwich out to her seat.

These changes are totally welcome to me. It’s like a binding has been liberated. I feel a sense of lightness and joy.

Jozef, with complete and total gratitude for what you do, I am amazed.