How a Recording Impacts the Moment Now

in Divine Alignment Protocols

With the Ending of the old Dream 26,000 years in the Making, and the Formation and Awakening of the New Dream (7 breaths or heartbeats of God in between), a great Cleansing Begins.

Ready yourself for the New Golden Era. We Rise. We were all at First Thought. Many forgot, so now we are seeds in the Dream, returned once again for the completion of the New.

With the above in mind, please know that recording a session impacts the moment now, freezing it in time.

Our Session is a Living, Breathing, Spirit-Filled Experience within Divine Light, Divine Love, and Divine Power which unfolds with and throughout you and me. It’s not just “now” but each new “Now” you encounter and embrace. This Session is a Restorative and Fortifying method of interacting with Time that allows for more room for you to continue to flow in and through Time itself.

My Ancient Heritage and Elders including My Grandfather and Grandmother, both Master Naguals, would say: “Words are meant to be like the wind—carried up, onto, and into Source Reality. They rise Beyond the Eagle and are not caught and frozen in Time where their full potential is never reached, achieved, or experienced. Once freed, they must apex at the Highest and Deepest Pinnacle within each of us.”

So when we capture the Spoken Word by writing, the Depth achieved continues its rollout without the interruption of electronic, man-made machines. This allows the Spirit of the Spoken Word to rise within, while the Written Word integrates its Divinity. Then you can embrace the Full power of your Spirit on the Within Trail.

The only reason I finally agreed for my Classes to be recorded is to create placemarkers as Time bridges itself pan-dimensionally. A crossroads of horizontal and vertical alignments can then be kept within the balance beam of self-mastery as we all continue the Infinite Ascent, our Journey to Origin.

Awake, we Remember the Promise. New Dream — Completed.
Note: Recordings keep you in the past. You can replay the picture over and over, but are you not then caught in the past?